You Won’t Sleep After Reading This Terrifying Ghost Story

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center is an abandoned insane asylum in Long Island, New York. Having been closed down in the early part of the 1990s, its large buildings are a testament to years of treatment for mental illnesses. As it opened more than 150 years ago, some of the treatments were quite brutal and included isolation, shock therapy and regular beatings. We had always heard that the place was haunted by a ghostly apparition dubbed the ‘shadow man’. However, we were young and invincible so me and a friend decided to enter (not entirely legally) and see what was inside. What follows is a true story. Read this with your lights on.


Upon approaching the site, one of the first things to see is the famous Building 93. This is a 13-story structure that was used to house many of patients. Its Gothic architecture and imposing appearance should have been enough to send us packing.