Men Behaving Badly


Classic comedy from the early nineties, Men Behaving Badly started in 1992 and lasted six series, the last of which aired in 1998.

Starring Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey as laddish and immature flatmates Gary and Tony, Caroline Quentin as Gary’s on-again-off-again no nonsense girlfriend Dorothy and Leslie Ash as neighbour and Tony’s dream lady (and spoiler alert; eventual girlfriend) Deborah, or Debs.

Essentially, Gary (a manager at a burglar alarm company) and Tony were grown men who spent their time drinking beer and having man-to-man conversations about Kylie’s bum and other such philosophical topics.

Do you remember?

Gary’s take on childbirth: Gary: I mean, look at the fuss women make about childbirth. Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t smart a bit, but if blokes did it, I reckon you’d be looking at, what, give birth, have a couple of Paracetamol, maybe a bit of a nap and then back to work within the hour.

Where are they now?