Well, This Is EMBARRASSING; Student Teacher Whisked To Hospital After Getting Something Embarrassing Stuck Up Her BUM

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Emma Phillips, 24 from Wallasey in Merseyside, was having a late night session with her boyfriend Lee when she realised she had lost her vibrator.

After searching the bed for it, the kinky pair realised that the seven-inch toy was lodged up her rear end.

The mum-of-one and her partner, who had been drinking, tried a variety of ways to recover the seven-inch vibrating toy but after a fruitless hour realised they had no choice but to call the medical professionals.

After overcoming her embarrassment and making the call at 7am, she was whisked off to hospital in an ambulance where an x-ray showed that the toy, still buzzing, had gone quite far up into her bowel; too far to get it out easily.

‘I think at that point it started getting quite serious. The doctors were really good – they all moved quite quickly and were so reassuring telling me they saw it quite often which was quite a relief.

‘At first we were jokey about it but then realised it wasn’t much of a joke especially when there was talk of going through my stomach if they couldn’t get it.’


Fortunately, docs were able to extract the vibrator with no need for invasive surgery; she was offered the toy as a souvenir but decided not to take it back home with her when she was discharged later that day.

Emma said: ‘My daughter was staying with my mum and dad as I stayed at Lee’s the night before.

‘I wasn’t going to tell them, but then I was going into surgery I knew we were going to have to say something so I told my mum the real reason.

‘I just took some painkillers and was told not to use stuff like that again until I was ready. I’ve learnt that I’ll need to be a bit more careful in the future.

‘Lee’s not been scarred by it – he just thinks it’s funny. I think he should have one up his bum and take one for the team.’

Now the question on your lips is probably ‘why would you share this?’

Well apparently, Emma wants to raise awareness, so that others like her that end up with massive fake dongs wedged up their rear end will not be too embarrassed to go to the docs when they need to.

‘We weren’t going to do anything about it because of the embarrassment – there’s a big taboo about it – but we knew we needed help.

‘I want to say a massive thank you to the ambulance crew and Wrexham Hospital staff who were really good, really reassuring and non-judgmental.

‘There is a big taboo about this, but it really isn’t a big deal.

‘You hear about people becoming really ill or even dying because they’re too embarrassed to get help – I would hate that to happen to someone.’ she said.

Well, at least you’ll know what to do should you find yourself in that position…