Unlucky Aussie Suffers Second Venomous Spider Bite – And You Won’t Believe Where He Got Bitten!

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Often the things of nightmares, a bite from a venomous redback spider is a rare occurrence, but for Jordan, 21 (surname withheld due to embarrassment – we don’t blame him) it’s something he’s had to endure not once… but TWICE. On his PENIS… (We’ll just leave that thought with you for a moment).

Aptly labeled ‘The Unluckiest Guy in Australia’, Jordan suffered his first venomous redback spider bite around 5 months ago, but his misery was compounded when, on visiting a portaloo on the building site he worked on recently he was bitten for a second time.

Although redback spiders – the females at least – are venomous and are considered responsible for the majority of acute spider bites in Australia, bites are not actually considered dangerous.


Victims of female redback spider bites can suffer symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, swelling where the bite is situated (might not be a bad thing for Jordan.. not that we’d know), pain that can become severe (and we bet this was) and muscle weakness.

Treatment for redback bites tends to begin with an ice pack to the afflicted area, but luckily only around 6% of bite victims display the more serious symptoms.

Speaking to the BBC, Jordan claims despite checking the seat (well, wouldn’t you after the first time round?) he recognised the sting of the bite and knew exactly what it was, no doubt thinking ‘I can’t believe it’s happened again’. His awful hunch was confirmed on seeing a few legs poking out of the rim of the dunny, and he was taken to Blacktown Hospital for treatment.

According to Jordan, he’ll be steering clear of public toilets from now on (we don’t blame him!), and whilst most of us feel pretty safe visiting public loos, we’ll be sure to check under the seat just that little bit more carefully next time.

After all… there have been reports of redbacks making the long journey in shipments of timber from Australia!