This New Brand Of Coffee Could Make Things Very Awkward At Work

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As much as we all depend on a cup of the black stuff to wake up in the morning, you may want to make sure you properly open your eyelids and reach for the right brand, as there’s a new brew on the market that could leave you with an erection lasting up to THREE DAYS. Pretty awkward if you’re off to an important meeting, going to the gym…. or doing pretty much anything around actual people.

Stiff Bull (love the name fellas) contains desmethyl carbodenafil – a Viagra-like concoction that isn’t listed in the main ingredients – a fact that has brought Stiff Bull’s manufacturers a stiff (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) telling off from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But does this prove that the ‘herbal coffee’ actually works? We’re not sure, but it’d be wise to pre book a couple of days off before you try it…

Stiff Bull is said to draw on the strengths of wild ‘herbs’ that grow naturally in the Malaysian jungle, and have been ingested for hundreds of years by South Americans and Asians alike to boost libido, sex drive and wellbeing.

Marketed as a ‘relationship saver’, it may not help business relationships too much – so next time you step into a big meeting with a cup of coffee kindly provided by your hosts, you may just want to check what brand they’re brewing…