13 Private Islands Owned By The Rich and Famous

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Get ready to experience serious ENVY.

I often say that  if I was a millionaire – no, BILLIONaire – I would buy my own private island somewhere hot and sunny where I could spend my days relaxing on the beach, swimming in the warm, sparkling blue sea perhaps sipping fruity and very alcoholic cocktails and, with any luck, rarely speak to another human soul. Absolute bliss.

As this looks quite unlikely to happen, I’ll have to make do with making myself green with envy looking at the private islands of the famous and very, very rich.


Island: Blackadore Caye, Belize

Owner: Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor


Leo took a trip to Belize in 2005, where he fell in love with the 104-acre uninhabited island, which he described as ‘heaven on earth’, and bought it for a reported $1.75million.

Very recently he announced plans to make the island a ‘restorative eco-resort’ – completely powered by renewable energy – with 36 sustainable residential homes and 36 very exclusive luxury holiday bungalows, which are planned to open on the island in 2018.

No word yet on how much it’ll cost to stay there, but I predict that it won’t be for the likes of me.