These 12 Santas Will Haunt Your Nightmares

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Well it’s official – the trees are up, the house is covered in tinsel and twinkly lights, and everyone is getting that festive feeling! It’s CHRISTMAS!

A visit to Father Christmas – usually at the local shopping or garden centre, unless you can spring for the magical but costly Lapland experience – is a rite of passage for every kid. It’s almost a parental obligation to have a collection of photos of little Timmy sitting on Santa’s knee, sporting looks ranging from of sheer horror to abject terror on his face. And that’s even when he’s the friendly, cuddly, jolly bearded fellow we all know and love.

These Santas on the other hand…. Well, they’re something entirely different.  At the very least, you’d be wanting your money back, and more likely demanding counselling for your whole family.

Take a look, but don’t have nightmares…


1) He’s not the worst…


The only reason I can imagine Santa might need a mask is if he’s trying to fool his own kids; in which case, why would he want to scar them for life like this??