These Police Mug Shots are CRIMINAL: 67 of the Worst Police Snaps Ever.

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Are these sixty-seven police snaps some of the worst (and most hilarious) mug shots that have ever been taken?

Now I’m no expert, but I imagine that to be a criminal mastermind, you need to be a master of disguise; to be able to blend into the background, ideally unseen but definitely unrecognisable to any witnesses. I think we can all agree that all of these hapless perpetrators never even stood a chance.

If ever you’re tempted to break the law, think long and hard about the consequences – and I don’t even mean prison; your mug shot will be around for a long time and by the looks of it, they don’t let you sort out your hair first.

First up… All of these guys (and gals!) found themselves on the wrong side of Larry Law… and quite possibly the fashion police too. Ouch.


Well, apart from this guy; I think he looks FABULOUS. That colour really makes his eyes pop and his brows are ON FLEEK. If you need to Google what that means, congratulations, you’re officially old.


Now this…This is definitely the opposite of whatever on fleek is..


This guy would do well to take make-up tips from the first guy… When it comes to eyeliner, less can most definitely be more.


This guy obviously isn’t a fan of the natural look, seeming to prefer the ‘permanently surprised’ look. It’s certainly a strong look.


I’m not sure this lady got the ‘less is more’ memo either; it looks suspiciously like she has borrowed someone else’s make up. And put it on in the dark. As for the do…


This guy on the other hand…. Pulling. It. Off.

Next up: Hair are some absolute beauties for you!