Creepy Doll

Feeling brave one day and having the natural curiosity of a teenage girl, Anneliese decided she would ascend the attic stairs and explore the attic. She unlocked the stiff attic door only to find an old child’s doll lying alone on the floor. Anneliese thought this a bit of an anticlimax, given all the creepy happenings over the past month. Although there was dust all over the attic, the doll appeared as if it had just been placed there. If only she had never ascended those old stairs…


After Anneliese showed the old relic to her mother the next morning at breakfast, the mother demanded that she throw it away. The doll did not belong to her and there was something creepy about it. When Anneliese left for school, that is exactly what her mother did. Still, the next night, the doll returned to the same place in the attic.