The TRUE Story of the Michel Family Haunting

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WARNING: This is the document of the strange and disturbing events which caused the Michel family to leave their new home. It is not advised that you read this account if you scare easily. You have been warned.

Back in the 70s, the Michel family moved into a new house in an attempt to start a new life. While beautiful from the outside, the young daughter named Anneliese felt that there was something sinister inside. Her parents dismissed her fears as childish and told her the house only seemed scary because it was new. If only they knew how right she was…

Girl on Stairs

After the family had settled in, they began to hear unexplained tapping and scratching noises at home, especially at night. It was impossible to find out where the sounds were coming from. Anneliese even claimed that she had seen a young girl staring at her from the top of the staircase to the attic.