The Most Bizarre Prom Photos You Will Ever See

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Prom night is one of the most important events in the lives of countless teens from around the world. While images of dancing, friends and even a bit of romance are in the air, things may not always go off as planned. Unfortunately, these situations have been immortalised through some rather “awkward” prom photos. Many of us will ask ourselves what the people in question were thinking. We can also see that certain choices will indeed leave a lasting impression (for better or for worse). Let’s look at several visual mishaps which have made their way into the virtual annals of viral photography.

Riding High

riding high

There is little to be said about this train wreck of a prom photo. In fact, it is almost perfect in its awkwardness. From the incredulously cheesy background lighting to the fact that the boy is very literally “mounting” his date atop a bearskin rug, parents around the world are cringing. However, it appears as if both participants are blissfully oblivious to the damage they have already done to their generation.