The Dumbest Insurance Scams That You Will Never Believe Took Place

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No one has ever claimed that criminals are geniuses. While not necessarily falling under the same category as a murderer or a bank robber, the truth of the matter is that insurance fraud is big business around the world and getting more sophisticated all the time.

Still, bigger is not always defined as smarter.

Let’s go ahead and have a look at a few hand-picked criminals that have given new meaning to the word “inept”.

Gerald Hardin


Talk about a friend lending a helping hand. It seems that Mr. Hardin and another accomplice actually convinced a friend to allow them to cut off his hand with the help of a pole saw.

This was done to claim a $670,000 dollars insurance payout. Once the dubious deed was done, each of the three filed a claim against an existing homeowner’s insurance policy; receiving more than $200,000 dollars each. Not only did one of the party lose his hand, but the three were accused of fraud.

Should Mr. Hardin be convicted, he may face up to 20 years in jail AND a $250,000 dollar fine. This is more than the claim even paid out. Not to mention that a hand has likewise disappeared in this act of utter stupidity.