Premier League Footballers £9k Offer For The Chubbiest ‘Home Visit’

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Prem Star’s £9k offer for the ultimate ‘Booty Call’


Not a season goes by without some sex scandal in the premier league, and the rumour mill is yet again whirring with a story claiming one premier league superstar likes his girls a more than a little curvy, and is willing to pay the big bucks for extra butt!


The married (and we bet his Mrs is a stunner) footballer reportedly arranged to pay 5 thousand euros for sex with a big-bottomed vice girl last month, but then changed his mind, complaining that she wasn’t curvy enough. When the female fixer who arranged the tryst found another, more well endowed hooker, it seems the prem star was over the moon, offering the fixer ‘A thousand thank you’s’ along with a higher fee of 10,000 euros. Sadly for our ‘unnamed for legal reasons’ star, his mind may not have been on his day job, as he was forced to rearrange the liaison when his team lost and he was called in for extra training!

It seems though, despite the footballer’s initial excitement, the tryst never took place, with the well-endowed hooker turning the star down after his demands for sex became TOO KINKY!


And if that’s not enough, it seems there’s another thing this flush footie ace couldn’t buy – as he initially wanted to bed the female fixer instead, offering an extra 1000 euros if she ‘made an exception’. It seems she had her head on straight as she turned him down revealing she ‘didn’t like footballers’. With this as an example, we don’t blame you, love!