Need it RIGHT NOW? Amazon move into the air to deliver packages in THIRTEEN minutes.

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Forgotten an anniversary? Run out of loo roll? Hungover and desperate for a bottle of coke but can’t lift your head off the pillow? Help may soon be at hand; or more accurately, come from above…

You’ll probably know by now that Amazon Prime Now has already reached some areas of the UK – promising shoppers that their goods can be with them in under an hour.

But what if that isn’t fast enough for you? Well, the people behind Amazon Prime Air – a new service which aims to get your orders to you in half an hour or less – claim they have made their first delivery by a completely autonomous DRONE. In the order was a firestick and bag of popcorn, and it took just 13 minutes to arrive at its destination (which happened to be just around the corner).

Chief Executive of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who announced his plans for the new service back in 2013, tweeted: “First-ever #AmazonPrimeAir customer delivery is in the books. 13 min—click to delivery” which was met with much excitement and shared 3,600 times on Twitter.


Step 1 – Order



Step 2 – Pick and Pack


Step 3 – Move to Launch Pad



step 4 – Take off


Step 5 – Delivery


Now of course this was only a trial delivery, and the trial was only open to people living very close to an Amazon depot with gardens big enough for the drone to land in. The service is therefore currently limited to a small number of people (and when I say small, I mean two), but as long as they order items weighing less than 5.7lb and order during daylight hours in good weather, it will be free with their Amazon Prime membership! All that and TV too.

If they want to get the service up and running properly, they’ll need to address safety concerns and seek permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority, but come on, we are practically living in the future guys!

Here’s hoping that the drone delivery…takes off (sorry).