Nadia Bokody: The ‘scary’ intercourse demand guys are making on Tinder

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Nadia Bokody: The ‘scary’ intercourse demand guys are making on Tinder

A “disturbing” intercourse trend has emerged on dating apps where guys are publicly demanding X-rated room antics from times, writes Nadia Bokody. Picture / Instagram

Warning: Contains intimate content

“I’ve gotta get started. We have laundry to complete.”

That has been the reason a guy once designed to keep right after we’d intercourse.

Some guy leaping up out of bed to go place their delicates on spin period ended up being a fresh low, also for me personally. (And we once dated a person that hasn’t washed their sheets in 3 years.)


Nevertheless, I just have actually myself the culprit. Most likely, we swiped straight to a profile pic of a gym selfie that is shirtless. Actually, that which was we anticipating.

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But that is the benefit of dating apps. Invest sufficient time sifting through dudes supporting dead fish alongside bios composed of more emojis than letters, and also you’re fundamentally likely to drop the club until it is therefore low, you mightn’t also limbo under it following a yoga class that is hot.

This is not anecdotal either; research demonstrates we typically abandon our requirements with regards to internet dating. A 2017 research conducted by Queensland University of tech discovered that, most of the time, individuals matched with other dating application users who did not fulfill any one of their requirements for a potential romantic partner.

To some extent at the very least, this can be a a valuable thing. Any environment that links those who’d be strangers under normal circumstances is conducive to open-mindedness as well as – dare we state it – finding love.

But listed here is the difficulty: it may start the floodgates for unfettered misogyny, intimate harassment, and behaviour that is deeply questionable. A paper posted by Pew Research highlights this. It confirmed one thing ladies in internet dating areas currently knew: around 50 % of us have obtained unsolicited intimately explicit communications from males.

More worryingly, more youthful ladies had been proved to be the absolute most most likely objectives of threats of violence on line. The exact same paper discovered 19 percent of females aged 18 to 34 on dating apps have already been threatened with real damage. Therefore rampant will be the threats and intimate harassment, entire magazines have already been focused on exposing them.

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Possibly the most widely known of its type, Bye Felipe – initially a viral Instagram account and today a best-selling guide – republishes real screenshots shared by females on dating apps of interactions with guys which range from gross to downright disturbing.

Probably the most format that is common a small similar to this: “Hi sexy. I love your smile” [Woman does not react] “Hey stunning, you here?” [Still no response] “F***ing unsightly fat b**ch.”


Whenever Sydneysider Ebonie Sanderson posted communications to Instagram from a person she rejected on Tinder by which she had been called an “ugly, fat, time-wasting wh*re”, her DMs had been inundated with guys speculating she was not telling the entire tale, labelling the function an anomaly.

More women arrived ahead to generally share experiences of one’s own, saying they too have been verbally mistreated by the exact same guy.

The post that is initial went viral, sparking remarks from a huge number of females around the globe whom resonated along with it – sharing their very own horror tales to be threatened, intimately harassed and verbally mistreated by guys on dating apps.

And even though platforms like Tinder have actually pledged to filter abuse by applying technology that is AI flag possibly inappropriate communications, the behaviour just appears to be getting more overt.

After within the footsteps of Bye Felipe, Australian Instagram account @TinderTranslators articles screenshots of genuine men’s Tinder bios. A recently available post of just one bio that is such: “searching for a woman in the pub, but a wh*re within the room! Candidates must certanly be in a position to keep my belly complete and my balls clear.”

Another Tinder user complains inside the bio: “Unhappily hitched. Love my young ones a great deal to split up…fml. Seeking to connect to somebody that gets me personally and will not judge me personally.”


As somebody who’s physically invested a complete lot of the time on dating apps, it isn’t unusual to swipe previous pages of married guys searching for “discreet encounters”. The majority of women will attest to those types of undesired interactions becoming an expectation, maybe perhaps not really an exception that is rare.

But behind the bravado and intimate violence among these crude come-ons lies a fragility that is deep need of addressing. Studies have shown males usually feel pressured to follow intercourse to get validation from their peers and fulfil recognized sex norms.

Rom-coms depict charming, handsome guys unrelentingly chasing feminine protagonists when confronted with rejection since the epitome of real love.

There is a “no means yes” message sewn into porn too, and a lack of training around just just what healthier encounters that are romantic seem like.

It really is possibly unsurprising then, there is a palpable feeling of male intimate entitlement permeating dating apps, and an unsettling trend of rage toward women that reject this framework.

Cringe-inducing profile pictures and ghosting that is post-coital, there is a larger issue right here. It may seem a stretch to connect the extensive intimate harassment and casual misogyny on dating platforms to violence against ladies, nonetheless it really makes sense that is perfect.


Since when we instruct males intercourse is the right, and also to determine their masculinity by exactly how vigorously they pursue it, that which we’re actually doing is telling them girls don’t make a difference. And that is a frightening precedent to set.