Is This The Most Inappropriate Behaviour Ever? Woman Sends Nude Pics To Ex’s Son.

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Have you ever been dumped?
What is the worst revenge you can think of?

I bet it’s not as bad as this…

Charlotte Klisares, a 46-year-old Estate Agent in Iowa, decided to take revenge on her ex boyfriend after a bitter split, not by keying his car, or by (allegedly) sending explicit photos of herself to his 17-year-old SON. Stay classy.

The poor lad was not particularly happy to receive nude photos of his dad’s on/off girlfriend and reported it to the police.

She’s been arrested and charged with dissemination and exhibition of obscene material to minors which could mean up to a year in jail.


Apparently, he’d threatened her with release of a homemade sex tape and she wanted to get the first boot in first. She now denies it (well, you would, wouldn’t you).

A statement from her lawyer on her Facebook page says “Ms. Klisares has been the recent victim of domestic abuse and this is just another attempt by the abuser to intimidate, harass and bully her because she stood up for herself. This demonstrates how vicious these domestic violence situations can become.

We will address these allegations through the criminal justice system and we are confidant[sic] that the truth of these allegations will become apparent once both sides of the story come to light.”

I guess we wait and see.

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