Is This Chilling Video Proof That Souls Exist Outside The Body?

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Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, this eerie video, which purports to show a woman’s soul that leaves her body after a fatal truck vs. motorbike crash is sure to send shivers down your spine.

The video footage, posted on YouTube on September 17th by Sutannaraj Suwannatada, was allegedly taken in Thailand, and shows CCTV footage of the fatal accident taken from Phibun Songkram Camp, Lopburi where a lorry clips a motorbike, killing the passenger instantly. It depicts a ghostly figure (or soul) seemingly rising out of the deceased girl’s body, where it hangs in the air, appearing to look down at the scene from above.

The grainy figure, though hard to make out properly, stays above the body whilst bystanders rush to help. Sadly, for the girl, it seems they are too late. According to reports from local sources, a girl named Manee passed away at the scene, whilst a man also involved has serious injuries.


The video has now amassed over 380,000 views on YouTube, where opinion is divided. Some viewers have heavily criticized the footage, claiming that the ‘soul’ has been photo-shopped, which shows huge disrespect to the victim and her family. Others, however, are convinced that this is definitive proof that souls really do exist.


Whether you believe in souls or not, the video is pretty shocking…. do you think the ‘soul’ is real?