Is Putin Preparing For War?

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Nuclear evacuation drill for more than 40 million people held in Russia as relations strain further with the US

Let’s face it – Vladimir Putin isn’t the world’s most well liked president, but surely he isn’t paranoid enough to think the US would wage nuclear war on Russia? Or does he?

The announcement of a 4-day evacuation drill involving 200,000 military and emergency services personnel and 40 million people may prove otherwise. And, claim Russian State officials, it is in response to fears that the US WILL begin nuclear war.


The drill, which will require 50,000 pieces of equipment alongside the huge numbers of personnel and other attendees, will run from October 4th – October 7th, and is being held amongst claims that the US is becoming more hostile towards the country, following military action taken in Syria. In fact, one report on Zvezda, a Russian website claimed that ‘Schizophrenics’ from the US were already preparing their nuclear weapons for use against Moscow in response to challenges pertaining to the Middle East.

With EMERCOM’s announcement last Friday surrounding the provision of underground shelters for the total population of Moscow in case of nuclear war, the fact that Russia currently has a much larger nuclear arsenal, and it’s nuclear doctrine allowing nuclear action in the event of even a vague suggestion of nuclear threat, we’d better all hope that relationships between the US and Russia are improved rapidly.