iQos review – A New Safe Way To Smoke Cigarettes?

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A new type of cigarette from the makers of Marlboro was released to the UK market on 30th November 2016. The iQos created by Philip Morris International introduces a new method of smoking cigarettes where the tobacco is heated rather than burned.


The innovative means of smoking is considered to be a safer alternative to traditional types of cigarettes, as smokers are exposed to 90% less of the toxins usually omitted from smoke. While the amount of poisonous vapours is significantly reduced, the nicotine hit is instant and remains the same, as does the taste of tobacco.

The company claims this makes the iQos less harmful than usual forms of smoking.


It works by turning the charging device on with a button and connecting the short cigarette to it, the tobacco is then heated up to a temperature of 350°c. It takes under a minute to heat up and a LED light turns on when the device is at the correct temperature at This notifies the user that it is ready to be used. The tobacco is then hot enough to release vapours which the smoker inhales by taking a puff, like they would any other cigarette.

Once lit, the stick will provide roughly a dozen puffs. The heating device is charged with a micro USB cable.


There are four options of the iQos tobacco sticks available; menthol light and strong, and tobacco light and strong.


The size and feel of the iQos is also larger but very similar to a cigarette, making the experience very close to that of having a traditional smoke. It sets it apart from the use of an e-cigarette which tends to be considerably larger and markedly different from a normal cigarette.

The filter of the stick is also the exact same as a cigarette, so the feel of it in your mouth delivers a recognisable experience unlike the metal or plastic tips accompanied with e-cigs.


Philip Morris International reports that more than one million smokers in the 10 countries it is already available in have  already switched to the iQos since  they have been introduced.

Ten years of research and development has gone into the iQos, and Marlboro have invested $3billion into its ducted vs. ductless production. In an interview with BBC Radio 4, the cigarette making company said that they aim to eventually stop selling traditional smoking products altogether.

All the research into the safety of the product has been done by ‘Philip Morris International’ and UK charity ‘Action on Smoking and Health’ , the product will be regulated in the same way all smoking products are.


The iQos costs £45 and is available to be bought at their store in Central London, with plans to sell it nationwide in 2017. The tobacco sticks are sold separately in packs of 20 and cost £8, which is similar to a traditional pack of cigarettes. It is currently sold in 10 other countries worldwide and the company plans to sell their product in 20 markets by the end of this year.