Horrific Shark Attacks That Will Put You Off Swimming

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Statistically speaking, we are more likely to die getting struck by lightning than devoured by a shark. Still, the image of the cold, grey eyes of a shark staring at us through the water evokes a primordial sense of fear. Although quite rare, shark attacks can and will happen each year. For anyone who is lucky enough to survive one of these experiences, their lives are changed forever. Others may not be so fortunate. Let’s take a look at some of the worst attacks recorded. You may think twice about enjoying the deep blue sea after reading!

The Jersey Ghost: The Original Jaws?

Jersey Ghost

In 1916, a shark (believed to be a great white) terrorised swimmers off of the coast of New Jersey in the United States. This occurred during what was one of the hottest summers on record. Swimmers flocked to nearby beaches and due to the temperature of the ocean waters, they were not the only ones cooling off. Over a period of less than two weeks, five people were attacked and four died. This is still one of the deadliest attacks in American history and the shark was never caught. Some say that this was the primary inspiration for the Jaws franchise.