HELL NO! Arachnophobics look away now; this is one BIG spider!

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This is definitely a video you’ll want to watch; although you might want to do it from behind a cushion if spiders aren’t your thing.

Ballsy internet pranksters from popular YouTube channel Trollstation set a huge spider loose on the London underground and, unsurprisingly, it caused blind panic among the commuters.

In the four minute viral video which has already been viewed more than 65,000 times, the enormous, furry and very long-legged tarantula causes utter chaos among tube passengers who are seen screaming, shrieking and running away in fright; and quite honestly, who can blame them?

The prankster then takes to the streets to introduce his mammoth arachnid pal to the people of London, most of whom seem less than happy and very shocked indeed to meet him.

Good work to the busker though, who remains largely un phased by the introduction and manages to carry on singing despite the tarantula in her face.