Fit bits: Lovely – The App That Monitors Your Performance In The Sack?

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Do you enjoy a good work out? Not particularly? No, me neither. Running, jumping, swimming, pumping iron; it’s pretty dull stuff to many, and who has the time… But working up a sweat in the bedroom? Well, that’s a different matter entirely.

If like many you’ve collapsed after an intense night of passion and your first thought was that there wasn’t enough numerical feedback, then Lovely might be just the thing for you. It will tell you exactly how many calories you’ve burned and more importantly, whether you can treat yourself to pancakes for breakfast guilt-free.


Created by Jakub Konik and Tomasz Badyla, Lovely is; I’ll be frank with you; basically a cock ring that works a bit like a fitbit (but, er, not on your wrist).

The mobile app tells you how long your session has lasted as well as how many calories you’ve burned off in the bedroom.


But wait, there’s more.

Lovely also doubles as a love aid; it works as a cock ring so keeps your passion going for longer, and it also vibrates for her pleasure, so to speak.



The app that accompanies Lovely will not only tell you how many calories you’ve used but it will also rate your technique, from Bad (really don’t want this one), Fair, Good and ‘Cool Ranch’.

It even uses your data to recommend new and exciting positions for you and a fairly flexible partner to try, suggested by their team of ‘sexologists’ (no, I’m not making that up). The team behind Lovely say that their aim is to help couples have a  better love life, and who doesn’t want that?


All it’s missing is Facebook connectivity so you can boast to your friends about all the amazing performances you are putting in.

You can currently pre-order the device for $99.