Family Pet Lucky To Be Alive After Thugs Try To Poison Her In Own Back Yard

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A beloved family pet has been targeted by cruel sickos who tried to poison her by throwing meat pies laced with rat poison into her owner’s garden.

Luckily, three-year-old Staffordshire terrier Milly wasn’t hungry, or maybe she could smell that things weren’t right, and the poison-packed pie was found untouched in the garden in Granville, Australia by shocked owner Gary Pavey.

‘If she’d eaten that last night, she’d be dead this morning.’ he said.


Mr Pavey, whose two children are extremely attached to Milly and would have been heartbroken, was stunned by the incident. He said that he assumed that Milly was targeted by someone fed up of barking dogs in the neighbourhood, but that it must have been a case of mistaken identity.

‘She’s such a good natured dog, she doesn’t bark, she’s never been outside the yard.’

He has warned other people in the area to check their gardens before letting their pets out.

The attack has been condemned by the RSPCA but had not yet been reported to the local police, who said that the matter would be taken very seriously.

Main picture Credit: quotesgram