Elderly Woman Lives In FAECES Until Good Samaritan Neighbour Gets Involved

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A kind hearted woman in Fulham, South London, who found out her elderly neighbour had been living in disgusting conditions has helped the old woman by cleaning her flat.

Mum-of-three Lucy Ashen lived next door to her 76-year old neighbour for two decades, but had never realised the state of her property until the old lady got locked out.


Upon helping her to re-enter her flat, the 39-year old Good Samaritan found that her neighbour, who has mental health problems, had been living in filth and squalor and was sleeping on the floor surrounded by rubbish and faeces.

She took it upon herself to spend 60 hours over two weeks cleaning and gutting the flat – right down to the toilet seats – and even helped the old lady to have a bath for the first time in over a decade.

Lucy, known to her neighbour as Lucy Locket, said her daughter helped keep the old lady company and even brushed her hair.

 Lucy appealed online for help and was overwhelmed when people from as far away as Australia responded with offers of food, clothes and even furniture to replace items she had thrown away because they were rotting. Lucy even managed to get a new boiler fitted in the flat.


Lucy has set up a Facebook page called My Lady and Me which documents her story and has almost 6,000 followers.



She is currently trying to fundraise via Go Fund Me, so she can take her out on day trips.



Lucy said: ‘I think she appreciates it. I’ve been in her flat every day and my children have been in and out and other friends. She’s coming out of herself bit by bit. She’s been singing songs with my daughter Ruby.’

Lucy is now trying to raise awareness of the isolation many older people face, and encouraging us to take better care of our elderly neighbours.