Don’t You Wish You’d Had These Million-Pound Ideas First?

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We tipped our caps to Mark Murray and his Hamdog invention featured on Australia’s version of Dragon’s Den… errrm… genius!

but then it got us thinking….. could the NEWSFIG office come up with a brilliant idea that would make us millions too?

Alas No… BUT… these people did, and they were so confident they were on to something good that they patented them.

1) Heart Shaped Arse Crack Trousers


Well now, isn’t this a treat for the eyes!

You wouldn’t think that someone would rush to the patent office for this…but they did, obviously scared that someone else would snap up their brilliant idea of heart-shaped-arse-crack-trousers (probably not the name they are patented under).

Might look great on Beyonce, but not as great on Tina from the kebab shop.