Digging up the Dirt on Celebrity Break-Ups

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There is something addictive about learning how all is not well and good in paradise. Perhaps it makes us feel better about our lives or simply shows us that even beautiful people have their fair share of problems. Whatever the motivation, celebrity break-ups and divorces make for juicy PR banter. What are some of the stories and tales which are circulating around Hollywood and beyond? Let’s take a closer look at a handful of the latest stories from around the web.

Katy Perry and John Mayer…He Still Exists?


Some of us remember John Mayer from his song Your Body is a Wonderland that tortured our ears over the airwaves years ago. Still, many women found this artist quite attractive, for Mr. Mayer dated the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt and more recently, Katy Perry. In a case of life reflecting art, it has emerged that this couple has called it quits for the SECOND time. Perhaps his sad, puppy dog eyes can write an award-winning song for this latest escapade.