Celebs Who Lost It All – And The Ridiculous Stuff They Spent It On

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We’ve all dreamed of being able to walk into a shop and buy anything we want, all of the time and it seems that our fellow celebrities are no different – except most of them have a bit of extra cash to splash.

But when celeb spending habits get out of control, they REALLY get out of control.

Here’s what happened when 5 celebs spent so much, they ended up going broke – first up….

Nicholas Cage

Cage, star of the silver screen, was once thought to have amassed a fortune of over $100 million dollars, but it seems the Oscar winner is having to live a bit more frugally these days, having to sell off many of his assets after being unable to pay a pretty hefty tax bill. The actor is also heading to the divorce courts, but we don’t hold out much hope of a decent settlement for third wife Kim, as there doesn’t appear to be much left in the pot.

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He spent it on WHAT?