Amazing Make-Up Transformations

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There’s an expression “I’ve never gone to bed with ugly women, but I’ve woken up with a few”..

Are we on about the morning after a heavy night? No, here were talking about the power of makeup and the ability it has to create a different person which can be incredible if not a little scary.

Now, we would never say the more ‘natural’ face is ugly, we mean this as a wake up call to women that makeup is superficial, freakishly so at times, and any woman can be “beautiful” like any model in a magazine with a little contouring but this is only an illusion.

So whilst we think there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your natural beauty, why not just keep it real and fresh with a touch of mascara and your favourite lipstick? As the saying goes “less is more”, be yourself.

Take a look at these transformations, hard to believe they’re the same person isn’t it?..

Mila Kunis

All is not as it seems.. Looking remarkably flawless with makeup. In reality, not exactly the face you see in the movies.
make-up transformation mila-kunis