5 Ways to Dodge Drink Damage

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5 Ways to Dodge Drink Damage

Let’s face it – the run up to Christmas (yes folks, we’re officially on it) is full of drink. The ‘quick one’ after work that turns into a proper night out, or the work’s dos with free bar (if you’re lucky) are quite often combined with the usual weekends of excess, and whilst you may be crying into your porridge on a Monday morning swearing ‘never again’, looking and feeling like death, there are some ways you can avoid more permanent damage (except if you drunk texted your ex – we can’t help with that!)


1. The lighter the better
According to Drinkwel.com’s Greg Huang, answering the age-old question on Quora, the lighter the liquid you’re drinking, the more able you are to process it. Lighter coloured spirits such as gin and vodka and lighter beers are also lower in calories. Ditch the Guinness, red wine and bourbon and your head- and waistline – will thank you.