19 Cringeworthy Movie Mistakes

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Sadly these days, a trip to the cinema is a rare treat for us. Seeing a movie is a fairly expensive activity for a family or even just for a date night (and that’s before you’ve even taken a loan out to buy popcorn!); but with a Hollywood movie now costing upwards of $200million it’s easy to understand why film tickets can be pretty pricey.

With all that cash invested, it’s always a shock when you notice that something isn’t quite right’ or even worse when there’s a glaring, embarrassing error. But despite having people tasked with watching and checking, even the biggest of blockbusters often have mistakes which slip through and sadly for their directors, here we are to point them out.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen most of these films. See how many mistakes you noticed!

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)


I have no idea how this one slipped through, once you’ve spotted it, you can’t help but see it every time you watch it!

Indiana Jones was supposed to be set before the second world war and yet in this still from the film, supposedly in 1930s Cairo, Egypt, you can clearly see someone wandering down the street in jeans and a t-shirt.